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If you want to make a living sharpening scissors...
Learning how to sharpen scissors is just half the challenge!

If you want to build a secure financial future, you need to know how to build a business!
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Welcome to "How to Sharpen Scissors!"

"As part of my class on the 14 Indispensable Keys to Success, I will teach you a practical application that can earn $50 - $75 or even $120K in the next 12 months."

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WL Laney, Instructor

WL Laney first learned to sharpen scissors in 1965
in Tucson Arizona.

Times and sharpening have changed in some areas. But sad to say some sharpening systems have not kept pace with the scissors in use today

Before you buy a sharpening machine, make sure it is designed for the industry segment you will be sharpening for!


All of our classes are tailored for the industry segment and the equipment best suited for the style scissors used in your chosen field. Be sure to ask for our premium training designed to teach you the secrets of success and how to build a bright financial future centered around your sharpening business.


People Who Need Scissors Sharpened

img_2 The professional hair stylist in beauty salons and barber shops are the easiest to find because they are so plentiful. This is the most lucrative segment of the sharpening business because of the shear numbers of stylists needing scissors sharpened every ninety days. Plus, they average one new scissors purchase every year.

We recommend the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System because it is the only sharpening machine that can restore the scissors to factory new cutting condition. Other machines will damage the convex edge and or the 800 millimeter radius on the most popular Japanese style hair cutting scissors. Send for our "Free Report - How to start a scissors sharpening business." Click Here

img_3 Alterations and Tailor Shops use fabric shears which can be sharpened on a grinder such as the Twice as Sharp. The negative for this market segment is the smaller number of shops and the price a sharpening will command. Unlike the beauty industry willing to pay $25 to $35 for a sharpening, the tailors and alteration shops are more likely to balk at anything over $10 per pair. Send for our "Free Report - How to start a scissors sharpening business." Click Here

img_4 Dog groomers are another excellent source of sharpening opportunities.
Again, the negative is the low number of shops and their unwillingness to pay more than about $10 for sharpening. The positive is they usually have several scissors each which need sharpened every ninety days because of the heavy usage.

One word of caution, watch for the scissors with a convex edge. Many of the groomers are starting to use the better quality shears which can only be sharpened on the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening Machine. Send for our "Free Report - How to start a scissors sharpening business." Click Here

img_5 Saddle shops, Florists, Health and Dental Clinics are some of the other place you will find scissors to sharpen. Be sure that the scissors came from the factory with a bevel edge if you plan to buy any kind of a grinder to sharpen with. Send for our "Free Report - How to start a scissors sharpening business." Click Here

Training News

July 19 - 20
PASS Training

Learn WL Laney's business success secrets in this dynamic two day training course. PASS - "Power Actions for Selling & Sharpening Shears"

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July 21 - 23
Scissors Sharpening on the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System

Sharpening salon scissors has never been easier
than on the patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening machine.

Never worry about damaging the professional hair stylist's expensive scissors again. The patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening machine will allow you to match both the convex edge and the 800 millimeter radius found on most hair styling scissors. This class will allow you to return the professional stylist's scissors to factory new cutting condition with perfection every time.

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July 26 - 27
Scissors Sharpening on a Grinder

Sharpening on the Twice As Sharp can be a great way to build a sharpening business outside the Beauty Salons & Barber Shops.

This two day course will show how to build a lucrative business sharpening in the Tailor Shops, Alterations Shops, Dog Groomers, Florists and other people using a bevel edge shear.

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