Sharpening Bevel Edge Scissors

Sharpening bevel edge scissors requires a large amount of knowledge about the scissors and a strong set of skills.

It is easy to put the wrong angle on the cutting edge. Worse yet, it is easy to "burn" the blade. This will remove the temper from the steel and in essence ruin the scissors. Working with large shears like the Weiss upholstery scissors can be very touchy. If you put too sharp an angle on with in incorrect tension setting, the blades will cut into each other ruining the scissors

On the other hand, there are many industry segments you can serve with a grinder style sharpening machine. Here are some of them:

Sharpening Dog Grooming Scissors
Many dog grooming scissors can be sharpened with a grinder because they have bevel edges

Most of the scissors in use by dog groomers are the German style cutting scissors with a bevel edge. These scissors need to be sharpened as often as every 30 days because of the heavy use and abuse they get in the dog grooming salon.

Cutting matted hair, dirty hair and coarse hair all lead to the scissor getting dull fast. In addition, the fact that most of the scissors being used by dog groomers are a lower quality of steel causes them to need sharpening more often.

A word of caution - many groomers are spending more money to get quality scissors. These more expensive scissors are typically the Japanese style hair cutting scissors and require the same sharpening as those found in the hair salons and many barber shops. See the page on sharpening beauty scissors.

You will also find a great market for sharpening clipper blades. All in all, the dog groomers can be an excellent source for building your sharpening business.
Sharpening Fabric Scissors
Most fabric scissors can be sharpened with a grinder because they have bevel edges

Fabric scissors can be found virtually everywhere:


Tailors have a wide range of fabric scissors which need sharpened routinely. Beginning with thread nippers and moving across a wide range of lengths and styles of cutting scissors and finishing with "pinking" shears.

Be sure to check the angles before beginning. Some of the fabric scissors will have a blunt bevel edge on one blade and a very sharp sword edge on the other blade.


Alterations shops are nearly the same as the tailor shops with the same needs.

Upholstery Shops

Upholstery Shops have a wide array of scissors to sharpen. Some of the scissors can be quite long, heavy shears. Be cautious when sharpening that you match the cutting angles precisely. If not sharpened correctly, the blade can easily cut into themselves ruining the scissors.

Awnings & Tent Builders

Another great source of business. Scissors here are nearly the same as the upholstery shops. Use caution and be thorough when sharpening. You don't want to spend your sharpening profit buying replacements for scissors you ruin.

Fabric Stores

Most fabric stores will let you set up a schedule to offer your services to their customers. Again, it is important for you to do a professional job for the store's valued customer. Providing an inferior service to the general public will reflect badly on the fabric store and eventually keep you from returning.

The Bevel Edge Training Class

This class will teach you the inside tips and techniques to give you a head start toward success with a grinder like the Twice As Sharp.

Please plan on bringing your machine and a good number of scissors (that need sharpening) to class. We will assist with the selection of tools you need as well as marketing material designs to help you build a strong cash flow in your sharpening business.

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