Sharpening Salon Scissors

Most salon scissors and many barber scissors cannot be sharpened with a grinder because they have convex edges and an 800 Millimeter Radius

If you want to sharpen scissors in the beauty salon, you must first understand the way most of the scissors used by the professional hair stylist are made. If you do not understand the way the scissors are designed to cut, it will be impossible for you to sharpen the scissors without ruining them.

There are three important components to understand:

c The Japanese style shear has a Hollow Ground Scissors Blade hollow ground blade and a convex cutting edge. This combination gives the scissors a sharper, cleaner cut and allows for the popular "slide cutting" technique used by most professional stylists. If you damage the convex edge (sharpen it on a grinder) the scissors are reduced in value to that of the low end barber scissors. The hollow ground blade creates a "ride" area around the perimeter of the blade which must be thoroughly honed. Failure to hone the ride will cause the scissors to feel rough in the stylist's hand, inhibit its ability to cut clean and will cause unnecessary wear on the interior of the blade.

convex cutting edge on hair cutting scissorsc The second component is the convex edge. This rounded edge in conjunction with the hollow ground portion of the blade we just discussed, is how the scissors are able to give the cleaner sharper cut so important to the professional hair stylist. Putting the convex edge against the convex edge of any kind of grinding stone or wheel will create the opposite - a concave or bevel edge on the scissors. That is why you should never use a grinder of any of the scissors currently being used by the professional hair dresser whether you find them in the beauty salon or barber shop. Even some of the dog groomers are now using these popular scissors.

c The third component is the 800 millimeter radius. 800 millimeter radius on scissors This slight curve in the blade adjusts the angle of attack so the blades do not push the hair. Please watch this video to see this process in action. The 800 millimeter radius replaced the need for the serrated (corrugated) edge found on many of the low end barber scissors. That is why this issue is so important even though it is ignored by so many of the sharpening machines on the market today.

Major Mistake #1

Using a grinder on Japanese style scissors. Yes, the machine is cheaper, but can you in good conscience, knowingly ruin the scissors for your trusting customer? If you want to use a grinder as your tool of the trade, use it in the other segments of the sharpening industry. Stay out of the beauty salons!

Major Mistake #2

Using an outdated flat hone system to sharpen Japanese style shears. Yes, it is better than a grinder, at least they can do a convex edge. But why unnecessarily straighten the 800 millimeter radius? With the invention of the patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System, both the convex edge and the 800 millimeter radius can be restored to factory specifications.

A Demonstration of Why the 800 Millimeter Radius is so Important!

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Your class will include sharpening styling and texturizing shears in both right and left handed models.

You will learn the secret Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening system 20 step process for returning the hair cutting scissors to factory new specifications.

Yes, there is much more to the sharpening process than just the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening Machine. Our patented machine makes it mechanically possible to match factory specifications.

Beyond the capabilities of the machine are the understanding and techniques of how scissors are made. There are actually many small techniques we \ will teach you in our highly specialized training class.

Class size is limited enabling each person to have as much one-on-one attention as necessary to assure you will not leave the class until you are fully qualified to return hair cutting scissors to their original factory new cutting condition.

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